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Concierge Service From Concierge Medicine of Stuart  – The Evolution of Primary Care

Forbes: Concierge Service | Concierge Medicine – Over the next decade, we will likely see the evolution of primary care delivery into two tracks. Some patients receive high-quality concierge service from happy, motivated concierge doctors, whereas others will have to make do with rushed “assembly line” care from overworked providers trying to get their patients in and out the door as quickly as possible. Which track do you want? If you don’t choose, the choice will be made for you. And you might not like what you’ll get.  Your attention to you own healthcare has never been more important than it is right now. As the ObamaCare law is phased in, health policy experts predict a growing physician shortage. Although ObamaCare did not create this shortage, it will worsen the problem. Concierge Service from a reputable board certified Concierge Doctor is the answer for many.

About Private Doctor Health Care

The essence of a concierge service is to provide personal service. Dr. Michael Gilels and the staff at Concierge Medicine of Stuart embody this principle.

Smarter Healthcare

Concierge care is the smart choice: no waiting, 24/7 access to your doctor, longer appointment times & personalized treatments.

From The Desk Of

Dr. Michael R. Gilels, MD shares interesting stories, previous case histories and his unique perspective on healthcare reform.

Heart Health

With the knowledge that everything you do for your health has an impact on how your heart functions will determine your quality of your life.