Concierge Medicine of Stuart provides the most qualified concierge doctor in Stuart and the most affordable concierge medical coverage.

Concierge Membership costs :

$3,000 per Member per year – payable in two equal payments of $1,500 with the first payment due on the initial office visit/renewal date, and the second $1,500 due six months from that date.


The annual fee may be paid in one lump sum in advance or half in advance and the other half 90 days later. This replaces past payment plans that were put in effect due to credit card processing restrictions.

Download Patient Membership Agreement


Member Benefits

We provide the best medical care for you by affording the following:

  • A limited number of total patients
  • Appointments guaranteed within 24 hours
  • Same day appointments available (contact us for availability)
  • Full hospital privileges at Martin North and South Hospitals
  • Emergency room and hospital visits at Martin Memorial’s North and South Hospitals
  • Yearly complete physical examination including EKG and urine testing
  • Geriatric evaluations including dementia, fall, depression, and incontinence evaluations